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Teyida group won the title of "shenzhen famous brand"

Author:Terart   Time:2019-12-20 11:02   Click:
Gather the enterprise elite, each exhibition brand charm. On April 25, 2015, the fifth high-end forum of brand construction and the 12th shenzhen famous brand achievement conference with the theme of "adapting to the new normal of economic development and enlighting new thinking of brand construction" were held in wuzhou hotel, shenzhen.

Art of group as the ninth award-winning unit, with absolute advantage through the twelfth session of the organizing committee of the shenzhen well-known brands on the rigorous review, achieve win the honor, to further consolidate the "international five-star hotel leader" at the core of competitiveness, adapt to the economic development of the new normal long strides on the road!

Manager liu ligen of administration department accepted the award on behalf of the company