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With craftsmanship and strength, teyida group ranks among the top 10 in China's architectural decoration industry

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On December 28, 2018, the results of the "2016-2017 comprehensive data and statistics announcement of China's architectural decoration industry", which attracted great attention from the architectural decoration industry, were announced. With its outstanding strength, teyida group was honored to be ranked 10th in the decoration list and 13th in the design list of the "2016-2017 comprehensive data and statistics announcement of China's architectural decoration industry". To tamp the group brand influence to add "strong auxiliary".

For more than 20 years, teyida group based on the main decoration industry, to lead the development trend of the architectural decoration industry as its responsibility, to the leading technical strength as the starting point, to the continuous innovation as the development power, to the factory industrial support as the guarantee, vigorously promote the "design, construction, factory processing one-stop service; With the strategic pattern of "integrated development of engineering, factory and industry", we strive to realize the high-end image of "hermes" in the industry, and strive to continuously improve the brand glory of "international five-star hotel decoration leader", so as to display brilliant brilliance in the new normal of national economy.

"Merit worship but ambition, industry wide but diligence." The group will take this honor as the driving force and opportunity, adhere to innovation-driven development, deepen structural transformation and upgrading, concentrate on expanding a broader business market, and concentrate on realizing a more beautiful corporate dream. In the future, the special art person will continue to promote quality by standard, create brand by quality, pay close attention to project quality and construction fine management, live up to the brand top ten honor!