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Teyida group held "celebrate bayi - renew friendship" dinner party to pay tribute to veterans of the group

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"To enjoy peace is the blessing of the people. To safeguard peace is the responsibility of the people's army." On August 1, Chinese soldiers celebrated the 91st army day. Over the past 91 years, the people's army, under the leadership of the communist party of China (CPC), has worked tirelessly to strengthen the armed forces.

To celebrate August 1, teyida group held a "celebrate August 1 · friendship" dinner party. He shengguo, director of the group, ye jianhai, general manager and other senior leaders attended, and the group veterans and new employees gathered happily, the scene is very warm.

Leave the barracks, take off the uniform, but can not take off the fierce military character and never surrender to the charge posture. The veterans of the group recall the military years, talk about the current development trend of the industry, said that in the future to inherit the fine tradition of the army, continue to carry forward the soldiers' perseverance and fortitude, forge ahead, never give up the characteristics, for the group to work together.

The "August 1" friendship activity held by the group once a year has lasted for more than ten years. It will serve as the fine tradition of "love my China and pay tribute to the veterans" of the teyida group.